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Work Injury Lawyer

Accidents in the workplace commonly occur in Ohio and often result in serious injury or even death.  The Brannon Law Firm is dedicated to representing workers who have been injured on the job.  Injuries can occur in a variety of work environments including distribution facilities, warehouses, factories, machine shops, construction sites, jobs that require driving equipment and farming accidents. Ohio employees are afforded protection under very specific safety regulations at both State and Federal levels.  This includes, but is not limited to, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration Guidelines (OSHA) and the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC).  All employers are required to maintain a safe workplace, including work equipment, machinery, cleanliness, training, and safety procedures.  Unfortunately, some employers are more concerned with profits than worker safety.

The laws setting forth your rights and obligations after a workplace accident can be complex and confusing.  Many times, workplace accidents involve issues of workers compensation and subrogation. However, it is often necessary to look beyond the typical remedies offered by the workers compensation system to obtain recoveries for injured workers. Liability for workplace injuries can often be linked to defective products, subcontractors, third parties, and property owners. These can all potentially provide additional sources of recovery beyond the standard workers compensation system.

The Brannon Law Firm is experienced in litigating work place accidents and will investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding your workplace injury to determine who is at fault for your injuries.  If you or a loved one has been seriously injured while performing job related duties, our attorneys may be able to help. Call our offices today for a free consultation with an attorney in our office, your home, or a hospital room.