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Dayton Divorce Attorney

The Brannon Law Firm is experienced in representing clients in Dayton divorce and family law matters. These legal matters often encompass the most personal and important aspects of people’s lives since they involve family relationships and personal finances. Our litigation attorneys can guide you through this emotional minefield and help ensure that you are in the best possible position to move forward with your life after the litigation is over. This means protecting your financial interests, maintaining parent-child relationships and ensuring your peace of mind.

Getting a divorce is more complicated than just signing a paper that terminates a marriage. There are often complicated and case specific issues that need to be understood and addressed by an experienced attorney. Often the issues involve the division of property, child support, alimony, custody and enforceability of pre-numptial agreements. The complexity of these issues is compounded with tax consequences, retirement issues, valuations and business interests just to name a few. An experienced attorney is needed to advise you to make decisions that will be in your best interest moving forward.

If you are contemplating filing for divorce, or your spouse has filed for divorce, the Brannon Law Firm will help you formulate a litigation strategy to ensure the best possible results. Our law firm has been successfully representing clients in divorce and family law matters for over 40 years. That’s longer than most marriages last! Moreover, our firm has the experience and knowledge to handle issues presenting any degree of complexity. Contact our firm for a free consultation to learn about your legal rights in a divorce or family law matter.