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Personal Injury

Joseph Guglielmo Case

Posted in Ohio,Personal Injury,Recent Cases on September 17, 2019

Joseph Guglielmo has settled his claims against Montgomery County (Ohio) and employees of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office for $5,600,000.00. The case was pending in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio (3:17-cv-00006) before the Honorable Judge Thomas M. Rose. Mr. Guglielmo was represented by Dayton injury attorneys Nathan J. Stuckey, Jennifer L. […]

Ohio Car Insurance Requirements

Posted in Car Accidents,Ohio,Personal Injury on January 11, 2018

Ohio, like most other states, sets minimum levels of coverage for anyone who owns or operates a vehicle within the state. Whether you’re new to the state or just want to see if your coverage is up to snuff, we’ve outlined the state laws governing car insurance in Ohio. Remember that these are for minimum […]

How to File a Car Accident Claim with Erie Insurance

Posted in Car Accidents,Personal Injury on December 11, 2017

When you’ve been in a car accident, it is important to file a claim with the insurance company in a timely fashion that is accurate and provides the key information the insurance company needs to investigate and process your claim. If your claim is with Erie Insurance, the following steps will help you navigate the […]

How to File a Car Accident Claim With Grange Insurance

Posted in Car Accidents,Personal Injury on November 13, 2017

Ohio residents have options when it comes to auto insurance, but Grange Insurance is one of the leading auto insurers in the state and has a reputation for reliable coverage and great customer service. However, it’s still important to have some understanding of the auto insurance claims process. It’s also wise to know what to […]

Child Passenger Motorcycle Laws in Ohio

Posted in Personal Injury on August 11, 2017

Motorcycling in Ohio entails dozens of rules and operator responsibilities. From mandatory helmets under the age of 18 to specific laws for maximum sound levels, motorcyclists must understand and obey a number of restrictions in the Buckeye State. There are several rules regarding motorcycle passengers and how they must ride on the machine, especially when […]

Ohio’s Top Ten Dangerous Dog Breeds

Posted in Personal Injury on June 15, 2016

While all dogs are capable of attacking people, it is a statistical fact that some dog breeds are more likely to attack people than others. The Center of Disease Control and Prevention reported that over 4.6 million Americans are bitten each year and according to insurance companies the average dog bite claim is around $30,000.  […]

Should I Talk to the Insurance Company After an Auto Accident?

Posted in Car Accidents,Personal Injury on May 31, 2016

Sometimes people can do irreparable harm to their own personal injury case by communicating directly with the insurance company. If you are not an attorney who is experienced in handling personal injury cases, then chances are you will not even realize the mistakes you have made in dealing with the insurance company until it is […]