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Accident Statistics

How Many Car Accidents Are There in the USA Per Day?

Posted in Accident Statistics,Car Accidents on September 18, 2017

Every year, car accidents cause more injuries and deaths than any other type of personal injury incident. With hundreds of thousands of vehicles on the road, the odds of getting into a collision in your lifetime are frighteningly high. Even the most prudent drivers can’t always avoid crashes with distracted and reckless drivers. Eliminating car […]

The Top 100 Most Dangerous Intersections in Ohio

Posted in Accident Statistics on February 11, 2016

Each year in Ohio there are hundreds of thousands of traffic crashes that occur on our roads.  According to the Ohio Department of Public Safety, in 2014 there were 282,368 traffic crashes and 1,008 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes. Analyzing data from the Ohio Department of Public Safety for the years 2013-2015, we wanted to […]

Bicycle Accidents in Ohio Statistics Interactive Map

Posted in Accident Statistics on October 27, 2015