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David and Linda Antoon vs. The Cleveland Clinic

Posted in Medical Malpractice,Recent Cases on May 11, 2016

Matthew Schultz from the Brannon Law Firm just argued a medical malpractice case before the Ohio Supreme Court which is captioned Antoon v. Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Ohio S.C. Case No. 2015-0467. In this case, our firm is pursuing a medical malpractice case on behalf of our client, David Antoon, against the Cleveland Clinic and several of its physicians who negligently performed a robotic prostate surgery which left Mr. Antoon incontinent and impotent. The issue being decided by the Ohio Supreme Court concerns the way the medical malpractice statute of repose is applied in Ohio. Below is a video of the actual oral argument between Brannon Law Firm’s Matt Schultz and the attorney representing the Cleveland Clinic.


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