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Attorneys for Business Divorces

When business relationships deteriorate it may become necessary for the owners of closely held companies and partnerships to separate their financial interests and divide assets. Untangling the ownership interests of a business can be a complicated process, especially where the owners have become hostile with each other and there are no preexisting agreements to guide the break-up. There are important tax, liability and accounting implications that must also be considered in a business divorce. An experienced attorney is needed to assess and evaluate what is in the best interests of the client for their specific business.

The Brannon Law Firm is composed of skilled complex litigation attorneys who have represented business owners, corporations and individuals in a wide range of business divorces for over 40 years. We have found that our clients generally have one of three goals in these types of disputes. Some clients desire to retain the business without other owners or partners. Others wish to depart from the business for personal reasons or retirement and are seeking to maximize their equity interest. While others seek to dissolve the business altogether. Our attorneys will assess the clients’ goals and evaluate the business to formulate a litigation strategy to favorably resolve the dispute in a timely manner.

A business divorce can be extremely costly, both in terms of time and money. This is why the Brannon Law Firm frequently offers clients the benefits of contingency fee based arrangements where we are only compensated if there is a successful recovery. This type of incentive based fee agreement is often a welcome relief to business owners who have been burdened by high hourly rate fees charged by more traditional firms. We have found that by aligning our interests with those of our clients it results in a mutually beneficial relationship. However, we still offer hourly based fee agreements. If you are in need of an attorney who is experienced in business divorces call our office for a free consultation.