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Dayton Birth Injury Lawyer

Birth injuries usually have severe, permanent effects on your child that no amount of money can ever compensate.  Children injured at birth often suffer permanent injuries, which can affect their physical capabilities, mental capabilities, and overall quality of life.  Most birth injuries are entirely preventable and if the doctor did not do something or had done something different, the injury never would have occurred.

Common birth injuries include:

Dayton birth injury attorneys

This list is not exhaustive and unfortunately, children can be permanently or temporarily injured as a result of an obstetrician’s or nurse’s mistake.  Your child may have special needs for the rest of his or her life, whether the need is medical treatment, education, or just to complete normal everyday tasks.  At the Brannon Law Firm, our  Dayton medical malpractice attorneys have represented many families and infants who were unfortunate victims of a preventable birth injury.

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If you believe that your child may have been injured either permanently or temporarily because of something that happened before, during, or shortly after his or her birth, the Brannon Law Firm offers free consultations.  Even if you are unsure, you should still call us.  Medical-related injuries are extremely complex and there could still be an issue that is not readily apparent.  Our Dayton personal injury lawyers have the skill and experience necessary to find out if your child does have a birth injury that could have been prevented and will help make sure that your child can have the best life possible, despite his or her injury.