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Drug Crime Lawyer

Drug crimes are serious offenses in the State of Ohio that can result in harsh prison sentences, large fines, property confiscations and mandatory drug rehab programs. Drug offenses cover a wide range of drug-related laws, including possession of illegal drugs, trafficking, manufacturing, transportation, prescription drugs and grow operations.  Depending on the type and quantity of drugs involved the offense is most often charged as a felony. In some more serious cases drug crimes are prosecuted in federal court, as opposed to state court, where there are mandatory minimum sentences that must be imposed upon offenders. If you are charged with a drug offense it is important to seek the advice of an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Most people who are charged with a drug offense are unaware of potential defenses that can protect a person’s legal rights and freedom. Some potential defenses are based upon unlawful search and seizure, failing to inform you of your rights, planted evidence and defective warrants which can lead to the suppression of evidence against you. There may also be issues with the admissibility or reliability of the evidence which can lead to a dismissal of the charges. Even if there may be sufficient evidence for a conviction there are alternative means of resolving criminal charges such as intervention in lieu of conviction and plea bargains that will lessen the impact of any penalties which may be imposed upon you.

The Dayton criminal defense attorneys at the Brannon Law Firm will investigate the allegations, witnesses and evidence against you to formulate the best defense for your specific situation. We also employ private investigators, independent laboratories and expert witnesses to testify regarding certain issues that may arise in a case. If you are charged with a drug crime it is important to understand all of your options and legal rights. Contact our firm today for a free consultation if you have been charged with a drug offense to learn how we can help protect your reputation, assets and freedom.