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Dayton Amputation Injury Attorney

The sudden loss of an arm, leg, hand, or foot is a devastating experience that will change your entire life.  Every year hundreds of people in Ohio lose a limb or other major appendage.  Some amputations (such as losing a fingertip in a workplace accident) can cause bleeding, discomfort, and inconvenience.  Ultimately, people who lose fingers and toes can learn to accommodate its absence and their life does not change significantly.  Other amputations, however, (such as losing an arm or a leg in car accident) can lead to significant trauma, blood loss, shock, infection, and even death.  Losing such these important limbs will change someone’s entire life permanently.  Special accommodations will have to be made to the person’s residence, their work environment, and they may even have to change jobs depending on what their current occupation is.  In very rare cases, reattachment may be possible but parties rarely make a full recovery of the use of that appendage. Most of these losses are permanent and require significant changes for the rest of the victim’s life.

Even though farm and factory workers are at increased risk for injuries involving amputation, car accidents and motorcycle accidents are also common causes of serious injuries that result in amputation.  Other causes of amputations include lawnmowers, chain saws, manual saws, and other power tools are also common causes of amputations.  In many cases, these accidents may occur because of design defects or a lack of safety features.  These are often “product liability” claims that focus on the manufacturers and distributors of defective or unsafe products.  Amputations resulting from a defective or unsafe product require a thorough inspection of the product, including a review of its safety history if legal action is being considered.

Dayton amputation attorney

Cost of Treatment for Amputations

Treatment of amputations can be especially trying and costly, often involving prosthetic replacement of lost digits or limbs, mobility equipment such as wheelchairs, home modification, and ongoing physical therapy and training.  Our lawyers have assembled a team of highly qualified experts who work with us in calculating your current and future damages suffered as a result of an amputation.  This often includes (but is not limited to) the following costs:

  • Prosthetic devices;
  • Physical and mental rehabilitative therapy;
  • Replacement of prosthetic devices over time as they wear out;
  • Psychological counseling
  • Home modifications;
  • Career and occupational training;
  • Life care plans for your injury and its effects on your life and family;  and
  • Life-long care cost, in terms of time, money, and any changes in your ability to work and/or job status.

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