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A personal injury accident can stop a life in its tracks. Even if someone survives a terrible accident, the repercussions of serious injuries can last a lifetime. Years of hospital bills, medical treatments, rehabilitation, medications, and lost career opportunities can add up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. All this is in addition to the immense pain and suffering that comes with serious accidents. At The Brannon Law Firm, it’s our mission to help people financially recover for economic and non-economic damages in Preble County. We do this with caring and dedicated legal services.

Why Choose The Brannon Law Firm

Our law firm isn’t in this industry for the profits. We’re in it because the Brannon family is committed to helping the people of Eaton and those throughout Ohio. We understand how difficult and all-consuming a personal injury lawsuit can be for those who aren’t experts in the field. We also know how immensely helpful a lawsuit can be for the future of an accident victim. The solution? Trusting an attorney to do the legwork for you. You get the benefits of a claim without having to struggle through the drawbacks.

Our trusted attorneys can help you protect your rights and explore potential legal options after a car accident, slip and fall, dog attack, medical malpractice, wrongful death, or other harmful events. We also provide representation for criminal defense, business disputes, and estate disputes. We serve the City of Eaton as committed attorneys ready to take on any case that involves damages. We can help whether your business’s reputation has gone through the mud in a defamation case or you’re in the hospital after a vehicle collision.

Dealing with insurance companies after an injury isn’t easy. We know because we take care of this task for our clients’ behalf. You need a team of attorneys who will represent your best interests in settlement negotiations with insurers or a trial in front of judges and juries. Otherwise, insurance claims adjusters may try to take advantage of you to get you to settle for less than you deserve. Your lawyer works for you – no one else. Your case is in good hands with The Brannon Law Firm.

What to Do After a Crash

Remain calm and in control of the situation as much as possible after a personal injury. Take note of the people who saw the accident happen, those who may have caused it, and your surroundings. Take photographs of the scene, if possible. Report to the police or other authorities as appropriate if you suffered injuries or property damage. Record important information about the incident, and seek immediate medical attention for injuries. Then, call our team of competent Dayton personal injury attorneys for legal advice.

In more than 40 years in the field, we’ve helped thousands of clients through the worst experiences of their lives. We have litigation down to an art and a science. Our firm operates on a contingency basis, meaning you don’t pay attorneys’ fees or the costs of litigation unless we win your case. We also offer free case evaluations, so you can hear from an experienced attorney about your case free of charge before you make a decision. Call (937) 228-2306 to get in touch with our Preble County attorneys today.